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Bringing the latest customer service technology to law enforcement.

CIVICTEC “enables engagement, participation and enhances the relationship between the people and government by enhancing citizen communications and public decision, improving government delivery of service, and infrastructure” … Wikipedia

CIVICTEC’s process automation applies current technologies to systematize inefficient procedures and protocols.

CIVICTEC provides police departments technologies and solution-sets designed to efficiently drive compliance, while increasing public safety.

CIVICTEC’s initial focus is to improve the misdemeanor warrant and 911 first responder processes while seeking to integrate with any frontend e-ticketing application.

cvcCLEAR eliminates unnecessary arrests that can result in taking up more than one-third of a shift for peace officers. Arrests due to outstanding warrants (Class C misdemeanor, i.e. failure to appear, and all offenses that have turned into capias pro fine) require hours of processing; personal costs up to $500 for the offender; court system burdens and more.

cvcPROTECT solution provides faster response times to first responders and 911 emergency services with real-time alerts, location services and direct communication with citizens utilizing a smartphone application.

cvcETICKET initiative includes an integration with an established Android based electronic ticketring provider and is currently developing integration solutions with MS Mobile and iOS electronic ticketing frontend applications.

Who We Are

Bringing the latest technologies to smart city initiatives.

CIVICTEC’s process automation and connectivity platform supports smart city and initiatives by deploying technologies to improve inefficient procedures and procedures.

CIVICTEC’s customer service focus uniquely merges the application of our innovative technologies for the betterment of interactions between the community, law enforcement and jurisdictions.


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CIVICTEC is dedicated to helping law enforcement, government agencies and municipal courts save time, money and frustration so they can focus on what matters most in the community.

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