Connecting jurisdictions and facilitating payment for Class C misdemeanor and capias pro fines warrants in real time

cvcCLEAR is a handheld device and software application law enforcement officers can use to clear individuals with outstanding Class C misdemeanor and capias pro fine warrants during routine traffic violation stops.

cvcCLEAR’s  Device is a mobile, self-service, multipurpose device that allows outstanding Class C misdemeanor and capias pro fine warrant holders to clear their own warrants by paying directly with credit cards or Apple Pay, or if the individual is unable to facilitate an immediate payment, to opt to participate in the jurisdiction’s Standard Payment Program . In this case CIVICTEC can either manage the plan or direct the individual to the jurisdiction’s collection agency currently handling collection efforts.

cvcCLEAR, with its patent-pending architecture, is able to connect jurisdictions across Texas, creating a platform that enables law enforcement agencies to see Class C misdemeanor and capias pro fine warrant holders across the state.

The platform, integrated with multiple jurisdictions, facilitates payments to the appropriate channels and captures the data in real-time. As the rate of adoption increases and the footprint widens, the greater the benefit to each participating jurisdiction. It is a platform available to every jurisdiction.

The patent-pending Compliance Assurance Platform (CAP) serves as the underlying rules engine of the cvcCLEAR solution. CAP provides the versatility to customize the application to align with agencies’ priorities and protocols. Leveraging advanced, cloud-based technology, all information exchanged on the system is secure and encrypted. CAP can accommodate an unlimited number of warrant databases while also managing an unlimited number of jurisdictions’ merchant accounts. The system is able to direct payments seamlessly to the proper courts.

Warrant Collection / HB 121

  • Brings TEXAS HB 121 (Article 103.0025 of the Code of Criminal Procedure) to life:
    Although the courts have the latitude to authorize a CIVICTEC collection process, the Texas Legislature, recognizing the scope of the outstanding warrant problem, proactively addressed it by passing Texas HB 121, which specifically added the ability to collect payments for capias pro fine warrants. cvcCLEAR is an automated, integrated solution for a largely administrative process and allows law enforcement to benefit from the vision behind the statute.

  • Integrates into the routine: The solution is designed to enable law enforcement to identify and facilitate the clearing of Class C misdemeanor and capias pro fine warrants during routine traffic violation stops, integrating into standard activities and eliminating the legal requirement for an arrest.

  • No cost: The solution is provided to departments and jurisdictions at no cost.

  • A win-win for jurisdictions: Law enforcement agencies are able to identify and easily direct the payments on outstanding warrants to any jurisdiction for a shared financial benefit.

  • Options for officers: CIVICTEC creates an effective option for officers to allow the warrant holders the ability to clear their warrants, pay their fines and avoid arrest – without necessitating the officer to handle credit cards or payments.

  • Setting up payment plans: The Standard Payment plan options in Texas are determined per the rules and regulations of state law and are defined as a “local program.” A program implemented by a jurisdiction pursuant to Art. 103.0033 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. The process in other states may vary, but can easily be accommodated by our Compliance Assurance Platform’s rule driven logic engine.

Municipalities Benefits

With an estimated 10 percent of the Texas population holding outstanding Class C misdemeanor and capias pro fine warrants for failure to pay, cvcCLEAR represents an efficient process for increasing the collection for the well over billion dollars in outstanding warrants in Texas alone.

With the elimination of arrests, municipal and law enforcement costs decrease:

  • Arrests often result in more than one-third of a shift for officers

  • Require hours of processing by other staff

  • Encompass numerous costs associated with offender transport and vehicle towing
  • Necessitate housing in the jail system
  • Burden the court system

  • Liabilities associated with arrests

— Costs that vastly outweigh the average warrant collection of $500 or less.

Virtual Training Videos

View our short training video to see how the cvcCLEAR system works for officers and municipalities.