cvcETICKET Objectives

  • Provides tremendous benefits to law enforcement officers and to the communities they serve.

  • Consists of mobile data capture device and integrated AWS GovCloud management software that captures and stores electronic ticketing information

  • Consolidates electronic ticketing information across all jurisdictions  resulting in  continuous improvements in the productivity of the integrated platform.

  • Focuses on the ability to provided a minimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) program.

cvcETICKET Features

  • Provides basic electronic citation functionality with two levels of mobile hardware configurations.

  • Data can be directed into Law Enforcement’s Records Management System (RMS) automatically.

  • Automates racial profiling reporting.

  • Offered as a SaaS platform within the AWS GovCloud and is the lowest cost option available in the market.

  • Can display to the officer any law enforcement data made available to CVCTEC.

    • For example the NCIC (National Crime Information Center database information) provides outstanding warrant data for higher level crimes and local State Law Enforcement Systems display vehicle liability insurance information.
  • The only electronic citation platform that can accept payments on either warrant collections or for the immediate payment of a FMO citation.

  • Rebate program has the opportunity to further reduce the jurisdiction’s total cost to zero. 


  • Established in 1987 and US headquartered, Two Technologies is the only manufacturer of 4G capable one-piece ruggedized mobile option.

  • With over 2 million units deployed globally and over 3,000 N Class devices in the field today, Two Technologies is both a Verizon and Samsung Partner

  • Over 10 years of enforcement experience for both moving violations and parking enforcement

  • Combining to deliver the lowest cost electronic citation option available with the integrated cvcCLEAR/cvcETICKET applicationsver 10 years of enforcement experience for both moving violations and parking enforcement

cvcCLEAR/cvcETICKET integrated device.

One-piece Hardware Option

Ruggedized single-piece device from Two Technologies:

  • Android operating system

  • Wireless communications

  • Digital camera with flash

  • Hot swappable battery

  • Integrated 3″ thermal printer

  • MIL-STD 810G and IP65 certified exterior