cvcPROTECT – 911 Assist

Unprecedented Connectivity, Communication and Coordination with the Community, Law Enforcement and Emergency Response

Delivering Real Time Communication in Emergency Situations

cvcPROTECT 911 Assist takes advantage of the cvcCLEAR Patent Pending CAP’s infrastructure located in the AWS GOV Cloud to seamlessly enhance the performance related to managing any 911 emergency alert event by merging the cvcCLEAR functionality with the cvcPROTECT smartphone mobile app delivering real time communication directly to the first responder and the 911 dispatch.

cvcPROTECT Exemplifies the Definition of Civic Technology and its Purpose:

Civic technology, or civic tech for short, is technology that enables engagement, participation or enhances the relationship between the people and government by enhancing citizen communications and public decision, improving government delivery of service, and infrastructure

Community and Law Enforcement Connecting in Real Time When it Matters Most…Saving Time means Saving Lives

  • 911 Caller initiates a traditional 911 cell phone call.

  • While the 911 call is inprogress, the cvcPROTECT app opens a data channel to communicate with the local 911 center and the available first responders in real time utilizing the CAP infrastructure.

  • cvcCLEAR and cvcETICKET devices receive an emergency alert with a noticeable alarm indicting there’s a 911 alert in progress based on configurable geographical location to the incident.

  • Upon electing to respond the officer will immediately receive driving instructions and an estimated time of arrival.

  • Simultaneously a data channel has been opened associated with the call and sends this information to a visual monitor located in the 911 center.

  • Each officer that has elected to respond as a “first responder’ will be “lit up” on the 911 operators monitor presumably as the caller is connecting to the 911 dispatch.

  • No modifications are required to the current IT infrastructure nor does this require the 911 centers to alter its current working protocols.

  • Similar to the 911 centers interaction…a data channel is opened when an officer identified with the agency has responded to a cvcPROTECT 911 Assist alert.

  • The agencies dispatch can communicate with and deliver relevant information to the officer without the officer becoming distracted by direct public interaction during the response.