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Caldwell County, TX is Set to Deploy CIVICTEC’s Mobile Technology Platform

New Tool Reimagines Law Enforcement while Delivering Reform through Innovative High-Tech Solutions

Houston, TX – July 14, 2020 – Caldwell County announces the approval of a pilot program to deploy CIVICTEC’s suite of integrated mobile technology applications. Prior to this, Caldwell County was handwriting tickets for moving violations, which is a very cumbersome process that can take 20+ minutes. This extra time was not only an officer safety and productivity issue, as the process introduced the prospects of lost tickets along with hard to read handwriting, with both contributing to lost productivity and revenue. Additionally, Caldwell County law enforcement would have to radio into dispatch as a standard operating procedure to determine if a violator had any outstanding warrants, including warrants for higher crimes. When someone with a fine-only misdemeanor warrant (Class C misdemeanor and capias pro fine warrants) was pulled over previously, there were only 2 options: (i) release the defendant; or (ii) arrest the defendant, consuming time and resources and further stressing the jail system, resulting in extra costs prior to collecting outstanding revenue.

CIVIVTEC, a technology development company dedicated to creating efficient processes for law enforcement agencies, is launching across the country with the primary objective of providing their cvcCLEAR Diversion Program platform. Caldwell County, TX will be piloting the cvcCLEAR application along with cvcETICKET, which is an electronic citation App featuring automated racial profiling data reporting, as required by Texas law enforcement agencies. The APP includes a feature that automates reporting of officer racial profiling statistics, which measures the potential for a law enforcement agency or individual officer bias in community policing. The integrated applications include diversion features, utilizing automated notifications along with a 24/7 customer service center, which are designed to guide the offender through the ticketing, payment and warrant process if necessary. cvcCLEAR runs in the background and displays any outstanding warrants in respect to the offender. In particular, cvcCLEAR consolidates and illuminates fine-only misdemeanor data across all participating jurisdictions, offering the defendant the opportunity to either make the immediate payment, or the ability to opt for the Diversion Program, avoiding the arrest in either situation. cvcPROTECT 911 ASSIST and StopASSIST go a step further to connect first responders using CIVICTEC’s technology platform on a personal smartphone application to augment the current 911 system, resulting in the most rapid emergency notification available as well as delivering safer traffic violation ticketing.

“We are excited to be the first county in Texas to leverage the CIVICTEC mobile technology solution,” said Chief Deputy Mike Lane of Caldwell County. “The integrated technology platform provides the county with next-generation policing tools while encouraging interlocal cooperation through the implementation of community-friendly universal policing protocols related to these particular classes of warrants. As CIVICTEC continues to increase adoption across the state, which we hope to help promote, we will be able to see and participate in clearing even more outstanding warrants through expanded interlocal cooperation. CIVICTEC is a powerful solution that supports citizens and law enforcement alike.”

In addition to the direct benefits offered to law enforcement officers and citizens, CIVICTEC connects jurisdictions across Texas and the country, creating a platform that enables law enforcement agencies to see Class C misdemeanor and capias pro fine warrants, information that’s not readily available today. Having visibility into this information will eventually provide insights into best policing practices and safer traffic stop encounters. The platform facilitates payments directly to the appropriate channels without CIVICTEC taking dominion of the funds, while capturing and updating the data in real-time. The cvcCLEAR application is available as a stand-alone no-cost program to any jurisdiction, and can be installed on any vehicular laptop computer or Android device currently deployed by the jurisdiction.

“As a business owner first, I can visualize how the implementation of the CIVICTEC’s platform will help to create an environment promoting universal policing protocols helping to transcend the sometimes disruptive side-effects due to leadership changes resulting from countywide elected office transitions,” said Caldwell County Judge Hoppy Haden. “We have 14 elected county officials that have all had a voice in making this decision, with all recognizing the benefits of having consistently applied law enforcement practices that transcend these potentially volatile leadership changes. In addition, the current environment has dramatically impacted our budgeting dynamics. The innovative pricing model that CIVICTEC has served up, more productively redirects costs from other areas, delivering what looks to be a comprehensive budget-neutral technology solution. This is a win-win all the way around.”

CIVICTEC has partnered with Two Technologies, a hardware manufacturer based in Horsham PA. Two Technologies has been providing hardware to Law Enforcement and many other industries for 33 years and has over a million devices deployed worldwide. The N5 suite of ultra-rugged all in one devices work with the CIVICTEC software to reduce the time it takes to issue a citation, process the payment for a warrant, as well as for citations, while quickly, securely and accurately collecting the violator’s identification information, including a fingerprint if required.

“CIVICTEC is committed to delivering community-friendly policing solutions to help facilitate the evolution of decades-old law enforcement protocols,” said Greg Hamilton, former Travis County Sheriff and CIVICTEC Chief Customer Officer. “Our integrated applications will reduce arrests for minor offenses, improve visibility of critical information related to criminal offenses, and promote interlocal cooperation. Fully and consistently executed, the universal protocols baked into the platform’s diversion program will eliminate minor offense arrests for defendants electing to take advantage of the rights the current statutes and the cvcCLEAR Diversion Program protocols provide for, meaning, that if you’re indigent and participate in the program by being given an additional opportunity to be responsible, then an arrest can be avoided. Using built-in automated alerts and notifications, CIVICTEC guides the defendant through the labyrinth all the way from the original citation to the ultimate resolution of an outstanding warrant.”


Based in Houston, TX, CIVICTEC is a technology development company dedicated to creating efficient processes, driving compliance, and enhancing community relationships and safety for law enforcement agencies. The backbone of the technology is the patent-pending Compliance Assurance Platform, utilizing a battle-tested architecture that is infinitely scalable. The company’s vision is to update and streamline processes that enable law enforcement agencies to focus on what matters most in the community while offering a pricing model that redirects current costs to finance the solution in a budget neutral manner.